Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vocabulary! Vocabulary! Vocabulary!

Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Vocabulary...

I recently had the opportunity to hear Joanne Billingsley present "Vocabulary Magic".  Inspired by her presentation. I created the following vocabulary activity to go along with the literature unit, " I Like Where I Am."

Students are paired and given a deck of cards. The deck contains 10 vocabulary cards, 10 definition cards, and 10 picture cards.  Students sort the cards into three stacks. With partners they read the vocabulary words and match the pictures to them. Students then follow up by reading the definitions and placing them with the coordinating vocabulary words. Using the new common core mind set... I do not give the students the correct answers. Instead the students are encouraged to discuss the pictures and definitions making changes as they go through the activity. 

To wrap it up, students view a "trailer" that provides the correct answers.  Joanne added music and slides of "Did you know?" statements.  I don't have those in this example, but will add those elements to later versions.