Monday, June 17, 2013

Moving Into Math Stations

I am officially committed to implementing Math Stations in a new way.  I have bought 10 clear tubs and cleaned a shelf.  In teacher terms that means I am in whole hog, because I spent $10.  There's no turning back.  Math Stations are going to have their own designated time and space in my classroom.

June 3rd and 6th, I worked with some fabulous SCDE teachers to completed a book study PD using Debbie Diller's "Moving Into Math Stations."  It was a fabulous opportunity to connect & collaborate with colleagues.  There were some enlightening discussions that really set a fire and desire to implement Math Stations. 

While the idea of Math Stations isn't new, I have generally just Incorporated a couple of stations during Daily 5 / Literacy Stations.  In the up coming year, each math station will have a specific skill focus with 3-5 activity choices. Check out the resources below for more details.

A second big idea that has affected my personal pedagogy is the use a workshop format lessons.  I am looking forward to expanding on this idea using common core this year. 

Resources used for Moving Into Math Stations PD, Summer 2013:
Prezi discussion guides
In addition to Debbie's DVD, we watched videos from The Teaching Channel website.
Classroom Management During Centers
We accessed several useful sites for templates and activities to actually make and take centers.
Tennessee Trending Teacher Wiki
Inside Mathematics, standards & tasks
Common Core Live Binder
K-5 Math Teaching Resources
Station Templates
We hit on the 8 all important mathematical practices as well.
8 Mathematical Practices Posters
Finally, we explored some amazing teacher blogs.
Station(center) lesson pans for first grade - Mrs. Schnuck's site
Launching stations overview - Mrs Parker's Learning Blog
Just a great resource - The Math Penguin

 SCDE Summer PD 2012

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