Friday, September 26, 2014

Student Samples: Patterns to 100

Below are examples of student work from the Patterns to 100: Skip Counting lesson. Throughout the lesson there was about a three way split (25%/25%/50%) among levels of understanding. A little less than 25% were able to see the patterns, but were really struggling with identifying why the patterns were occurring.  The second 25%+ saw the patterns and were able to relate the patterns to the concepts of numeracy and sequence.  Often this subset seemed to lack the ability to put their thoughts into words.  The final 50% were able to take it a step farther and relate the number patterns to place value.

Student Examples:

After looking at the samples, there was a clear need to have some time for learning dialog. We took a break and came back to the over arching idea of 100 patterns at a later time.  Students viewed a quick Brain Pop Jr. video about patterns to 100 & then shared in think pair & share conversations about what patterns they personally observed on the 100 chart (rug). 

This was followed up with an independent task and small group discussions that utilized Mathematical Practice # 3 Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.  This was a great opportunity to solidify understanding and address misconceptions.  Discussions included a large amount of peer feedback and accountable talk.  There were quite a few Ah-ha moments as students built schema and participated in bridging dialog.  

Instead of using the text book quick check, this mini lesson utilized a revised quick check/exit slip. Notice that the question is contrived to illicit a more explicit response from students. This was intentional to gain a more definitive overview of their conceptual understanding (2.NBT.A.2 & 2.NBT.A.1).

Quick Check Prompt:  Madison counts 22, 24, 26. Zane says 28, 30, 32.  Which three numbers come next in the pattern?  How do you know?

Student Examples: