Thursday, April 25, 2013

Number Sense Routines Session 2

I participated in a wonderful PD this afternoon. Lot's of great discussions (math talk) among colleagues. We took an in-depth look at number sense.  My favorite quote from today's session was:
"In order to "get the point" students need lots of opportunities to bump into number sense ideas, use number sense, and discuss number sense ideas and strategies with peers,"  Jessica Shumway.

For this PD, we revisited Jessica's book  Number Sense Routines: Building Numerical Literacy Every Day in K-3 .  Last week I used a pre-made Prezi for the book study. This week I am happy to share my first Prezi.  I had a lot of fun playing with the three D features.  All of the quotes in the Prezi came from Jessica's book.

Today's PD provided an intense focus on what effective routines look and sound like in elementary classrooms.  The session included visits to some amazing classrooms via the Teaching Channel:
Third Grade Math Routines
Mingle and Count (Kindergarten)
Make Math Fun with Place Value Games

A large chunk of today's math talk centered on the topic of subitizing.   Opportunities for number sense development, subitizing are created by using quick images (shapes & tens frames).  Below are links to some online lesson plans that reinforce this strategy:

Dot Card and Ten Frame Activities
Multiplication and Ten Frames

Thank you to all of the amazing SCDE teachers that made it out today.  SCDE just completed the second day of TCAP testing.  Everyone, teachers and students are starting to feel exhausted. I truly appreciate the extra effort that was required to attend today's session.

I am looking forward to more professional development opportunities the first week of June.  The next book study will focus on Moving Into Math Stations by Debbie Diller.  I had the opportunity to hear Debbie speak at the 2012 ASCD conference.  Her ideas were insightful and motivating.  This should be a fabulous time of collaboration.  I am hoping to see lots of my SCDE colleagues there.