Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Journeys Common Core Resources

Implementation of a new series is a wonderful excuse to freshen up our out look on curriculum presentation. This year brought in the adopted of Houghton Mifflin Harcout's, Journeys Common Core series. While the website offers a plethora of online resources, there is plenty to expand on.

With some help from my second grade colleagues, I am almost through building a second grade  Journeys resources wiki page.  At this moment you'll find weekly, lesson plans, Tic Tac Toe homework assignments, and Magic Vocabulary. This is a work in progress, so you'll notice that the collection is growing.

Weekly lesson plans arrange Journeys curriculum  into a TEAM friendly format.  Microsoft word format allows for easy editing, so you can add or subtract throughout the documents.

Lesson Plan Images

Tic Tac Toe homework assignments include vocabulary/spelling,  comprehension, and grammar/language skills. The assignments compliment the various tasks we are completing in class.  They increase with rigor as the year progresses.  Tic Tac Toes are designed to engage parents and keep them informed about what we are learning at school.  A brief list of "I can" statements are included in the document.  

Directions for Magic Vocabulary can be found in an early blog post.