Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fabulous Friday, Common Core Reading

Normally, we spend a chunk of Friday exploring common core formats as we prepare for PARCC assessment. So here's a run down of our Fab Friday... Our main selection this week was "Bad Dog Dodger." So we followed this up with three separate reading stories in small group stations. I nabbed these short reads & comprehension questions from Have Fun Teaching. To add rigor and make the tasks more engaging the following elements were required. 1. Students used a marker to highlight text that supported their answers. If partners disagreed about an answer, they had to use evidence and persuasive language to determine which answer was correct. 2. Students created a different Thinking Map for each story by drawing conclusions and siting evidence from each story: Alley Cat & House Cat - Double Bubble Map, Fish Tank - Circle Map, Carly the Carnary - Flow Map. Everyone did such a great job that we followed up with a snack of just for fun! kitty litter cake