Monday, March 25, 2013

Second Grade Polygons

Burned an hour this evening exploring . Our school has a month long free trial.  I compared the results from this site to a regular Google search.  The results were very similar.  Lesson Planet has some original plans and many links to public plans. The four plans I liked best are available free online.  With that said...

This week, I am taking a really close look at the second grade common core standards for Geometry.  Envision, while wonderful, great, etc.,  lacks extended practice & rigor with polygons & their attributes that standard 2.G.1 requires. 

I have found some great lesson plans. Several of them center around a really cute book, "The Greedy Triangle." 

Here are links to lesson plans that I am 'beefing up" to fit the TEAM model and common core. 

The Greedy Triangle - Exploring Polygons with Geo-boards
The Greedy Triangle Lesson Plan (graph paper)
Polygon Scavenger Hunt

This plan includes a great foldable,  Exploring Polygons with the Greedy Triangle .